Annual Service Charges

Locker Type Size Locker Rent GST @18% Total
A 5" x 7" 7,200 1,296 8,496
B 6" x 9" 10,800 1,944 12,744
C 5" x 14" 13,500 2,430 15,930
D 8" x 10" 18,000 3,240 21,240
F 11" x 14" 21,600 3,888 25,488
G 8" x 21" 27,000 4,860 31,860
L 16" x 21" 36,000 6,480 42,480

Internal Dimensions In Inches Height * Width Depth Of All Lockers 20
Vault Timings (Open 7 Days A Week & 361 Days A Year)

Payment of Rent

Our BANK DETAILS for NEFT / RTGS transfer of the Annual Service Charges.

Account Name Bank & Branch Account Number IFSC Code MICR Code
Metropolis Vaults Private Limited Canara Bank, Hauz Khas Branch, New Delhi 1445214000047 CNRB0001445 110015012

Cheque/ Demand Draft: You may also send us a cheque or Demand Draft payable to

“Metropolis Vaults (P) Ltd” to our address

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Break Open Charges

What happens when locker keys are lost?
At the time of opening METROPOLIS VAULTS Locker

You get 1 single locker key only
When you open a METROPOLIS VAULT locker, there is only one key of the locker, which is given to the customer. METROPOLIS VAULT does not have any other key to the locker. The absence of duplicate keys means that it is very important to keep your keys carefully and not lose them. However, it is very natural that some people lose their keys or misplace them.

What happens when your locker keys are Lost?

When you lose your locker keys, the first thing you need to do is write to the locker manager informing them about the loss. They can then ensure that the locker cannot be accessed by anyone (for example, by someone who stole your keys).

Once you intimate the METROPOLIS VAULTS about the lost keys, your locker key has to be replaced by a new one. In either case, they will be contacting the company that supplied the locker to them (mostly Godrej). A trained technician will travel to the METROPOLIS VAULTS office, and cut open the locker in the presence of a METROPOLIS VAULTS official and the person who rented the locker. This is to avoid any dispute over loss of items from the locker.

There is no duplicate key of a METROPOLIS VAULTS locker as such. The METROPOLIS VAULT has to call the supplier of the locker (i.e. the company that has supplied the lockers to METROPOLIS VAULT) and the supplier provides the NEW key. This may entail a cost of Rs.12, 870 per key. This heavy cost is due to travelling cost and other administrative costs that are involved.

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