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1. Why should I opt for a safe deposit locker with you?
2. What are the formalities involved in booking of a safe deposit locker?
3. But lockers come in standard sizes that are far too cramped?

Unlike what is generally offered by banks, we at Metropolis Vaults offer dual keyed safe deposit lockers and safes in 7 sizes Depth of all lockers 20”". You may request for special storage services, which can be designed, as per your specific need.

4. When did Metro Vaults commence its operations?

METROPOLIS VAULTS commenced operations in 1994 at its own premises located at Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

5. Is there any insurance guarantee for our documents and valuables?

METROPOLIS VAULTS helps you obtain ALL RISK COVERED insurance from reputed GOI’s insurance company.

6. Are safe deposit lockers safe from fire or other calamities?

METROPOLIS VAULTS have been built as per specifications laid down by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for design and building of vaults. Built to RBI specifications, you can be rest assured that the lockers inside these vaults are fire, burglary and theft resistant.

7. Is there a Master Key with METROPOLIS VAULTS?

We do not possess any master key with us. The key with which we open the locker along with the key given to you is only meant for dual access.

8. Can we put another lock for our locker?

Yes, we provide you with a Renter’s own lock at extra cost.

9. What is the procedure if we lose the key?

In case you lose the key, you will have to sign the declaration form & indemnity bond and after we receive the papers, we will intimate the Godrej service engineer, who will drill open the locker in your presence. A new lock and key will be installed, and the new key will be given to you the same day.

10. In a day how many times can we access METROPOLIS VAULTS locker?

You can access any number of times. We are more than happy to serve you.

11.What is the Locker operation timing?

You can access locker 361 days a year.

12. Who can access my safe deposit locker?

Only you and the person or persons authorized by you.

13. In the case of my death what happens to my locker?

Upon receipt of a death certificate and succession certificate the contents of your locker will be frozen until proper authorization is provided by an authorized person [nominee/custodian] to obtain access to your locker.

14. Rental periods available?

We offer only one rental period : 1 year.

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